The Experience You Need With Criminal Charges

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40 Years Of Experience Working For You

40 Years Of Experience Working For You

If you have been charged with a crime, you need immediate help from an experienced criminal defense attorney. Criminal charges alone can damage your reputation and your life. A conviction can be even more damaging, affecting your job, your marriage, your future and your basic liberty.

Our attorney at Boone Beale PLLC has nearly 40 years of criminal law experience in Virginia. We understand the law and the issues many people face. We know it can feel overwhelming and you are likely unsure how to proceed. We will explain the law, your potential options and strategic choices, and work to obtain the best outcome for your specific situation.

The Long-Term Ramifications Of A DUI

Some people, when facing a DUI or reckless driving charge, may believe the most cost-effective option is to pay the fine and plead guilty. Without proper advice from an attorney, that move can be as reckless as the alleged driving violation.

In this part of Northern Virginia surrounding Washington, D.C., a great many people are employed by the federal government and many must have a security clearance to remain employed. A ‘conviction’ for offenses such as a DUI can have significant consequences for such clearance.

Our lawyer is experienced with helping clients in this position and understands the importance of protecting your rights and your career. Don’t take any of these charges lightly and talk with us before you accept any ‘deals.’

Ask For An Attorney And Then Remain Silent

If you are facing any type of criminal charge, you need experienced help as soon as possible. Minimize your time speaking with police immediately and politely ask for an attorney. Do not talk with the police or anyone else until our attorney arrives.

J. Burkhardt Beales’ Ratings

J. Burkhardt Beales’ Ratings

Burkhardt Beale has received an AV Preeminent* peer review rating through Martindale-Hubbell and a 10.0 “Superb” peer review rating through Avvo. In addition, he has been named to The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100. Mr. Beale is also a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.