The Experience You Need With Criminal Charges

Facing Criminal Charges?

At Boone Beale PLLC, our attorneys understand the challenges you face after an arrest. Criminal charges, from DUIs and other traffic stops to serious felonies, can damage your career, damage your relationships and threaten your liberty.

The other challenge is dealing with the criminal justice system. If you are not a criminal defense attorney, you may have a very limited grasp of how the system actually works, and you may not fully recognize the risk a particular type of charge poses to your future. Our attorneys can help.

Decades Of Legal Experience

Our attorneys David E. Boone and J. Burkhardt Beale are very experienced criminal defense attorneys. They have the benefit of decades of experience working in the courtrooms of Virginia, learning the law, facing off against various prosecutors, observing how different judges operate and developing a sophisticated understanding of how the criminal justice system functions in the all-too-real world of the courts of Virginia.

We use this experience to help you understand the charges you face, the legal options you may have, the likelihood of a given outcome and counsel to help choose the strategy that will minimize the consequences of the criminal charges, and allow you move on with your life.

Security Clearance Issues?

We know how damaging a criminal conviction can be. We know it can affect your ability to complete school, to find housing, to get a job. We know in the Washington, D.C., area, security clearances can be critical for your job and your career.

A DUI or felony conviction can compromise your ability to obtain or maintain such a clearance. We work to protect your future by aggressively approaching these cases, with the goal of having the charges reduced or dismissed.

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